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> PCSX Revolution rev84
* 30 May 2010, 14:48
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PCSX-Revolution de Firnis est un émulateur Playstation pour Wii & GameCube.

Rev 51 a 84
- Added USB2 support.
- Sound fix.
- Cleanup.
- Compile fix.
- Prepaired for new Linux GUI. But I don't have time to finish it.
- Added gpl licence.
- R3000A related code is placed in the own folder.
- Rewrite emulator in C++. WIP.
- Mac, Windows and even Linux versions are broken for now...
- Crash fix.
- Some counters work.
- New DMA interrupt. Based on MAME.
- Fixed filebrowser bug.
- Menu reworking. Just for fun.
- Fixed most of filebrowser bugs.
- Minor cleanup here and there.
- Added programmers notepad project files.
- fixed windows build.
- Minor changes here and there.
- Fixed filebrowser bugs. Not all.
- Fixed some rec instructions.
- Recompiler:
- Removed saving regs 14-31 on every function call; Significant speedup.
- Disable dynarec BNE and BEQ. Significant slowdown.
- Fixed dynarec GTE timings.
- Fixed "return to game" issue.
- Counters: Proper rate of counter 0. GEKKO compile fix.
- GTE: Fixed AVSZ3. AVSZ4. smf was right =)
- Removed old interrupt code.
- New counters. Based on MAME with some changes.
- GTE: Wii really hates GTE timings... (Or I did something wrong?)
- R3000A: ... and calling function from other file.
- CDROM: Fix compile warning.
- GTE: implemented GTE timings.
- HW: Removed ICTRL stuff. I copy-pasted it from pcsx2, but psx doesn't have ICRTL...
- Fixed x86-32 recompiler.
- Call BranchTest only when needed. Minor speedup.
- Global: Rid of the manual installation of the interrupt flag.
- SaveStates: fixed for new event system. Not compatible with older sstates.
- Fixed SPU interrupt flag. Documentation says that it's bit 7, but it's 9. It fixes sound loops in some games when we use psxRaiseExtInt instead of manual setting of flag.
- Global: Better event loging.
- Counters: Fixed Tekken3 speed issue.
- Global: Again i'm back to event system =) But now it can be disabled (for testing).
- GTE: Fixed SQR based on documentation.
- CDROM: Applyed patches by pcsx-revival team. Also made some patches based on DrHell documentation.
New EventSystem is working well (finaly!), besides problems with speed in Tekken3 (maybe others).
- New format of PSX registers.
- Some fixes of interpreter and recompiler.

Source : We Brew Wii

Wii 4.3E / BootMii as Boot2 / HBC 1.1.2 / cIOS d2x v8 / CFG USB Loader v70

System Menu 4.3E (v65535) / IOS80 (v65535) / IOS236[36] (v65535) / IOS249[56] (v65535) / IOS250[57] (v65535)

* 30 May 2010, 15:50
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