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Version complète: Wiimms WBFS Tool v0.28a
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Marre de votre WBFS manager? Vous souhaiter utiliser un programme plus simple, plus épuré? Alors wwt est fait pour vous

Some special features:

WDF support: WDF is a new format for reducing the size of ISO images stored on normal file systems. It knows about holes. (see file 'WDF.txt')
Tool 'wwt' may import WDF files directly to a WBFS and may export discs from WBFS directly to WDF files.
Tool 'wit' works with ISO images. WDF images are used transparently.
Tool 'iso2wdf' converts ISO images into WDF files.
Tool 'iso2wbfs' converts ISO images into splitted WBFS files.
Tool 'wdf2iso' converts WDF files into ISO images.
Tool 'wdf-cat' is a 'cat' like programm with special handling of WDF.
Tool 'wdf-dump' dumps the data structure of a WDF file.
Support WBFS on block devices, as plain files and as splitted files.
Find WBFS partitions on block devices automatically if option --auto is set.
Multi WBFS support:
List multiple WBFS together.
Copies ISO images to multiple WBFS with one command.
Remove ISO images from multiple WBFS with one command.
Searches multiple WBFS for extracting discs.
Advanced shell support:
Exit codes are explained by the tool itself.
Output controlling with --quiet and --verbose.
Several listings, some of them machine readable.
May read parameters from files.
When writing an ISO you have the choice between three formats:
Plain ISO file (default extension ".iso")
WDF ISO file (default extension ".wdf")
WBFS file as container for one ISO file (default extension ".wbfs").
When reading an ISO the following files are accepted:
Plain ISO files.
Plain ISO files from a pipe.
WDF ISO files.
WBFS files with or without a selector. A selector is an ID6 or an index to specify exact one ISO image within a WBFS.
Support of splitted files (WBFS, WDF and ISO):
While generating a file use --split and --split-size to force splitting.
While opening files for reading splitted files are detected automatically.
Dump the data structure of WBFS images for analysis. This dumps includes the WBFS header, WBFS main parameters, a disc dump and memory layout dumps for each disc and for the whole WBFS.
Dump the data structure of ISO images for analysis. This dumps includes the WBFS header, WBFS main parameters, a disc dump and memory layout dumps for each disc and for the whole WBFS. The dump work also for ISO images within a WBFS.
The wwt command CHECK checks a WBFS for block assigning errors. Repairing is also possible. Details:
Find discs with invalid blocks.
Find discs with no valid blocks.
Find discs which uses same blocks.
Find free blocks that marked as used.
Find used blocks that marked as free.
Remove discs with errors.
Repair wrong marked blocks.
The check is very fast. The wwt commands ADD, UPDATE, EXTRACT, REMOVE and TRUNCATE do an automatic check before modifying the WBFS file and print a warning if the check fails.

Mini HowTo d'installation pour Linux:

- Télécharger l'archive et décompresser-la

- A l'aide de la commande "cd" naviguer jusqu'aux fichier que vous venez de décompresser
cd /home/carbonyle/Bureau/wwt

- Installez "wwt" avec
sudo sh ./

- Lancer "wwt" et apprenez à l'utiliser:
wwt -h|less


* Linux;showfile=566
* Windows;showfile=567

A command line WBFS tool set for various os.
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